Grinnall bodied cars seem to be popular and have developed a cult following in recent years.One of the problems that was never addressed when these cars were originally converted was that of the cars ride height, ie you will find that the original wheelarch is still in place although the wider arch accomodates a much wider wheel & tyre.This then meant that the car had to be made to sit higher than normal to alleviate the problem of the tyre fouling the original wheelarch.We have ironed out all the problems relating to this body conversion and can offer Grinnall owners a car that sits at the correct height.

When we at S&S carry out a restoration to a Grinnall bodied car we will first restore the original shell of the car and then add to it the Grinnall Body Styling (to our revised spec of course) this ensures that the shell is as strong as it can be.We have seen too many cars over the years that have had a body styling kit fitted over the top of corroded panels.

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Some of the finished shell