Over the years we have been asked many times about power steering.Since the original racks fitted to the TR8 is no longer available we had to look for an alternative.Some have fitted a modified SD1 rack or even a Stag rack but neither are ideal and core units are in short supply, we wanted to use something that was a lot more modern and could be fitted (and removed if required) with the minimum fuss.

It is an electric system that fits neatly under the dash inline with the original steering column.The 2 original steering UJ's are retained as is the original TR7 Rack.

At S&S we have always prided ourselves on being the ONLY TR7/8 specialist that has the knowledge and engineering skills to develop modifications such as this Power Steering  System and indeed our famous Rear Disc Conversion.


Can be fitted in conjunction with one of our quick ratio steering racks for optimum results.

Please register your interest in this system by either :-

telephone - 07868 862218

email - sales@ss-preparations.co.uk

It is also worth mentioning that a significant improvement can be made to the steering in terms of ease of movement by fitting our Roller Brg Top Mount conversion.Ask for Part No SAS71950 (2x required) @ 18.00 each inc vat