Over the years S&S and their cars have been featured in many magazines which in turn has helped to raise the profile of the TR7 within the Classic Car community.In the mid 90's S&S we responsible for the restoration of the 21st anniversay car that was raffled by the TR Register.

Our cars have been featured in TV programmes such as the "Sharp End"  and most famously "Coronation Street" when our Yellow Demo car was used in some episodes.

S&S as a company have featured in programmes such as "Flying Start" by Granada TV and "Top Gear GTI" with Steve Berry.

Below is a selection of the magazine articles that have featured S&S and our cars.


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"The TR7, which finally went out of production  
over five years ago, was originally designed to 
accomodate the 3500cc Rover engine so that the  
car could be sold on the U.S. market as a TR8."
"Creating TR8's is taking off in a big way and  
is becoming a big business for us. Some of our  
customers have picked up a TR7 for as little as  
£500. An extra outlay of a few hundred quid will 
give them a good-looking GTi beater - and it's  
British",says Steve Wilcox, one half of the S&S duo.
"What is beautiful about  
the conversion is that 
modifications required  
are minimal."
"There is adequate space  
beneath the bonnet for the 
engine, because the car was 
designed to take the lump  


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"Of course you can't just bung a new engine, 
gearbox and suspension onto any old dog and 
expect it to do new tricks. S&S wanted to end 
up with a car that would be as good as new.
"Fortunately they already had a white TR7 
convertible that had been brought in from the 
states a few years earlier and had been bodily 
restored. S&S pride themselves on the thorough 
standard of their work, stripping all cars in for 
a complete respray right back to a bare metal 
Out on the open road you are aware that it is  
not an all muscle conversion. You can not spin 
the back wheels in every gear change and rip  
cat's eyes out of the tarmac with this car, but  
that was not the idea. Simon and Steve just set  
out to build a modern version with a more  
efficient, up-to-date power train and improved  
standard trim. Even so the performance is better 
than the old lump.
The 820i engine pute out 116bhp at the rear 
wheels at 5200rpm. This compares favourably 
with the 80bhp available from the original car. 
S&S reckon that the top speed will be around  
the 130+ mph mark.


"The TR7 won few friends during its lifetime, and there were a few friends during its lifetime, and there were a few tears shed when production finally ceased. "  "Yet there are those who appreciated that the car had potential. Notable among the believers are the affable and talented team at S&S Preparations in Ramsbottom, Lancashire." 

"Why couldn't Triumph do what S&S Preparations of Ramsbottom have done with the TR7, and turn  it into the ultimate TR8?" 

"Not only do S&S transform the TR8 into a true performer, the standard of their restoration and customising work is immensely high." 

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"It's a glourious noise that emerges from the four big tailpipes when the throttle is blipped - what starts as a deep burble becomes a banshee wail as the tachometer needle quickly passes 6500rpm."
"The engine concerned is bored out to 3.9 litres, has a Piper HK285 cam, and, lurking under the chrome Moroso air filter is a large four-barrel Holley. All of which to give over 200bhp at the rear wheels and enough torque to rocket the car to 60 in under 6 seconds."



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"It was our V8 sports car feature back in February  
that prompted Simon Carr of S&S Preparations to 
suggest that we try a trio of really meaty TR7 V8's." 

"The partners are both engineers by profession, 
each currently employed in a different field."

"A short drive to our photo location immediately 
demonstrated just how different the TR becomes 
when it is endowed with thumping V8 torque."
"What a pity the car came to nought as a factory exercise. The car would have brought Triumph to the fore again. Thank goodness for the likes of S&S though, for they can show us what could have been."
"We were impressed by the cars in different ways. 
All were taut and gave distinct feeling that they were 
solid, professional conversions."